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The power of business continuity with Viasat

October 10, 2019

In this episode of the Viasat Podcast, we talk to Cody Catalena, Vice President of Global Business Services for Viasat. In addition to being a good option for businesses outside the cable and fiber zone, Viasat’s Business Internet service also offers online continuity protection that Catalena says is something just about any business should consider.

With almost all types of businesses increasingly reliant on connectivity, having a “Plan B” for when primary service is interrupted is crucial, Catalena says. Whether it’s from a natural disaster, a fiber line cut by a construction crew of just a short primary ISP outage, a satellite backup with a failover router can turn a bad situation into a non-event.

In this interview with Alex Miller from Viasat Corporate Communications, Catalena runs through some of the basics about continuity service:

  • Many businesses rely on cloud connectivity for a variety of business functions.
  • Even a short outage can mean significant revenue loss for a business.
  • Having a Viasat dish on the roof on standby is an affordable way to prevent outages from impacting business operations.
  • Having continuity service through Viasat can mean a business’s primary internet can go down and business can continue uninterrupted.

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