Viasat Inc.

Satellite for businesses with Eric Stark

August 24, 2020

In this episode of the Viasat Podcast, host Alex Miller catches up with Eric Stark, director of sales for Viasat’s Global Business Services. Stark goes into the benefits of Viasat Business service, which includes primary and redundant service, Wi-Fi hotspots, SD-WAN and more.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Myths of satellite internet regarding how fast it is, how well it works for VoIP and its reliability;
  • How many construction managers rely on Viasat to stand up internet in places where terrestrial infrastructure doesn’t yet exist;
  • How businesses with multiple locations can streamline their broadband needs with Viasat as opposed to using a patchwork of regional providers;
  • How businesses can expand their broadband service with the business hotspot product; and
  • Viasat’s plans to expand internationally.

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