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Keven Lippert on Viasat’s business in the UK

June 24, 2022

Ongoing work with MOD and pending Inmarsat acquisition are top priorities


In this episode of the Viasat Podcast, host Alex Miller speaks with Keven Lippert, Viasat chief commercial officer, about the company’s business in the UK. Viasat has been active in the UK for a number of years — particularly with the Ministry of Defence — and is growing its footprint with new offices, more personnel and a pending acquisition that will greatly enhance its presence in the country.


Topics covered in this podcast episode include:


  • A bit of history on Viasat in the UK, including our acquisition of Stonewood in 2010 that has been the foundation for the encryption products we provide for the UK Ministry of Defence;
  • How the acquisition of RigNet in 2021 has also expanded our presence in Scotland with products and services for the energy industry;
  • The upcoming ViaSat-3 constellation and how the second satellite over Europe, the Middle East and Africa represents another large investment in broadband infrastructure in the UK;
  • The company’s new office in the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus and our relationship with the UK Space Agency as well as the European Space Agency;
  • The pending acquisition of global satellite operator Inmarsat and how it will enhance our network in the UK and beyond.

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