Viasat Inc.

Brendan Sullivan on how operational AI is changing business

February 18, 2022

In this episode of the Viasat Podcast, host Alex Miller sits down with Brendan Sullivan, senior vice president of Intelligent Edge Solutions. This is a new division of the company that includes Intelie, an operational AI platform that came to Viasat with the 2021 acquisition of RigNet.

While artificial intelligence and big data are certainly industry buzzwords, Sullivan offers some concrete examples of how operational AI can help sensor-dependent industries realize significant efficiencies, cost reductions, and added safety by making thousands of calculations a second. Combined with the connectivity power of Viasat, IES also offers video intelligence, cybersecurity, and the power of hybrid networks to bring sophisticated tech to remote operations.

Topics touched on in this podcast include:

  • How the energy industry is benefiting from operational AI, as well as other areas where Viasat Intelligent Edge Solutions can be effectively applied in the future
  • The ways in which digital augmentation can drive substantial savings with small tweaks that add up incrementally
  • The importance of educating customers about the right way to implement an AI platform and interpret the data
  • The current global presence of IES and how loyalty with its current customers can aid in Viasat’s global expansion
  • How the connectivity power of Viasat will super-charge what Intelie can do, and how Intelie has the potential to be instrumental managing parts of the Viasat network

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