Viasat Inc.

An update on the ViaSat-3 project with Dave Ryan

July 9, 2019

As president of Viasat’s Space Systems division, Dave Ryan is overseeing the ViaSat-3 project, which will create a three-satellite constellation of satellites affording global internet coverage. In this episode of the Viasat podcast, we asked Ryan how the project is coming along and touched on a few other topics:

  • How Viasat is designing the entire system in a vertically integrated manner that should result in each satellite having over 1 terabit/sec of capacity.
  • The advantages of using large satellites in geostationary orbit that can provide complete earth coverage with just three satellites.
  • The changing role of satellites and the growing demand for capacity.
  • How the ViaSat-3 constellation’s flexibility will enable it to shift capacity more effectively than any of our other satellites.

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