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An update on the ViaSat-3 project with Dave Ryan

An update on the ViaSat-3 project with Dave Ryan

July 9, 2019

As president of Viasat’s Space Systems division, Dave Ryan is overseeing the ViaSat-3 project, which will create a three-satellite constellation of satellites affording global internet coverage. In this episode of the Viasat podcast, we asked Ryan how the project is coming along and touched on a few other topics:

  • How Viasat is designing the entire system in a vertically integrated manner that should result in each satellite having over 1 terabit/sec of capacity.
  • The advantages of using large satellites in geostationary orbit that can provide complete earth coverage with just three satellites.
  • The changing role of satellites and the growing demand for capacity.
  • How the ViaSat-3 constellation’s flexibility will enable it to shift capacity more effectively than any of our other satellites.
Viasat CFO Shawn Duffy on satellite investments

Viasat CFO Shawn Duffy on satellite investments

July 2, 2019

Building and launching three satellites spanning the globe is no small financial feat, something Viasat’s Chief Financial Officer Shawn Duffy can confirm. In this podcast, we asked Duffy what makes the ViaSat-3 constellation a smart investment, and how geostationary orbits provide advantages over satellites in other, lower orbits. Additionally, Duffy discusses Viasat’s unique and diverse business strategy and how that helps drive the company’s success.

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